Bat Watch

Bat Watch

On 20th May Elworth students gathered at 8pm to see Batman (AKA Jed) and his little bat.

Despite the fact that many children are scared of bats, as many as 72 Year 5’s and Year 6’s showed up.

As soon as we arrived we were escorted into the hall, carpeted with blue mats to sit on and met up with our closest friends.

Excited chatter filled the room until Mrs Mace’s voice cut through the noise telling us that the ‘Batman’ had arrived.  He started to tell us interesting facts about Bats and how crucial it is to sustain their lives.  Some of the facts were:

  • Bats are the only flying mammal known to man.
  • There are 1,100 species of bats in the world.
  • 20% of all mammal species worldwide are bats.
  • 25% of all mammal species in the UK are bats.
  • 25% of UK bat species are close to extinction.
  • At least 12% of bat species, such as the Puerto Rican Flower Bat are already extinct.

We learnt that bat’s wings resemble human hands and what acts as their thumbs are a lot like hooks which they use to efficiently climb trees.  The first winter of a baby bat’s life is crucial and if it has not eaten enough it will die during hibernation.  Bats eat around 3000 bugs a night and much more!

Next we were allowed to have a biscuit and a drink and then Jed handed out some machines that could detect bat screams.  All 72 of us were outside on the field in an instant searching for bats.  Our group picked up three bats and when we got inside again we got to meet a little bat that Jed brought with him.

It really was a great night!

By Anna (Y6)


4 thoughts on “Bat Watch

  1. william

    this is great i like the interesting facts about the bats and did not know they are 12% extinct

  2. Libby

    I loved going to the bat watch and seeing a bat up close and now some nights I like to look out of my window and see if I can see any bats in my garden.

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