World Slavery Museum


Following their recent trip to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, Year 5 & 6 children developed contrasting slave diaries describing events as the slaves were abducted and transported to the Americas.

Scroll down below for some examples  from Class 1 – BE WARNED, their opening paragraphs accurately describe the cruelty of the period!


Slave Diary Entries:

Morning 18th June 1679

I’m being held against my will. The white people came at the break of dawn, brutes they are, savage malicious brutes. We were all asleep when they came, then before you knew it everyone was screaming. Worriedly, I rushed outside and saw one of them set fire to my mother’s hut, I never saw her again…

Dominic & Codi Y6

2nd January 1761

Help Me! I’ve been taken. They came to our village, destroyed our homes, beat us! They were the white people  – it feels like they have stolen my dignity and killed my soul…

Soleil & Hollie Y6

I’m being held hostage, there are chains holding us together. They came in the night. They took our homes, our crops, everything, gone! I don’t know where we’re going but we had no chance of escape.  We are being beaten and whipped. The pain they dish out every day is unbearable.  My best friend (who was also a slave) died yesterday. Now I feel all alone…

James & James Y5

16th March 1777

I’m being held against my will. They haven’t just taken me, they’ve taken my dignity. I can hear children screaming, blood-curdling screams, as they were branded like cattle by the malicious white men…

Olivia Y6 & Heidi Y5

Merchant Diary Entry:

30th July 1777

Today we captured another lot of African’s. As we went into the village I could see miscellaneous people, some rich, some poor yet all of them diabolical. The ones we took were frail, I doubt they will make it to Britain alive, but we can always just get some more  from the village…

Joe Y6

If you’d like to learn more about the history and barbarity of the international slave trade then click on the link below: