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Brilliant Blog Business!

Wow, what a start to our new school blog!  Since our launch on 23rd May we’ve had 469 page views by 211 different visitors from as far a field as London and Norwich!

blogKeep up the good work, read our blogs, post comments and motivate our children to share their work with the world!

New blog features will be added in the near future…in the meantime please feel free to share any ideas as to how we can improve our blog by posting a reply.


Maths Challenge – 24



Using all four numbers 4, 6, 6 and 8, but using each number only once, there are over 60 different ways of getting the answer 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

E.g: 4+6+6+8 = 24      (8+4)+(6+6)=24

How many different calculations can you discover?  Record your answers below….try not to repeat any answers….can we reach 60 different calculations?

Good Luck

Guess The Picture #2

Congratulations to all of you who correctly identified last month’s image…a metal pencil sharpener!

Now for image No 2…something a little harder!

Clue: Wave


Answer to be revealed on Monday 16th June