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Brilliant Blog Business!

Wow, what a start to our new school blog!  Since our launch on 23rd May we’ve had 469 page views by 211 different visitors from as far a field as London and Norwich!

blogKeep up the good work, read our blogs, post comments and motivate our children to share their work with the world!

New blog features will be added in the near future…in the meantime please feel free to share any ideas as to how we can improve our blog by posting a reply.


Maths Challenge – 24



Using all four numbers 4, 6, 6 and 8, but using each number only once, there are over 60 different ways of getting the answer 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

E.g: 4+6+6+8 = 24      (8+4)+(6+6)=24

How many different calculations can you discover?  Record your answers below….try not to repeat any answers….can we reach 60 different calculations?

Good Luck

Guess The Picture #2

Congratulations to all of you who correctly identified last month’s image…a metal pencil sharpener!

Now for image No 2…something a little harder!

Clue: Wave


Answer to be revealed on Monday 16th June



Welcome to the Elworth CE Primary School Blog

Welcome to our new school blog and our virtual school world!

Through our blog we aim to keep you up-to-date with current events in and around school, share examples of your children’s work and celebrate our latest successes and achievements.

At Elworth we value our partnership with parents and are always looking for ways in which we can improve the information that we deliver to you.  Our new blog allows you to check-in at any time giving you instant access into your child’s school.

So come in and take a look around!

Bat Watch

Bat Watch

On 20th May Elworth students gathered at 8pm to see Batman (AKA Jed) and his little bat.

Despite the fact that many children are scared of bats, as many as 72 Year 5’s and Year 6’s showed up.

As soon as we arrived we were escorted into the hall, carpeted with blue mats to sit on and met up with our closest friends.

Excited chatter filled the room until Mrs Mace’s voice cut through the noise telling us that the ‘Batman’ had arrived.  He started to tell us interesting facts about Bats and how crucial it is to sustain their lives.  Some of the facts were:

  • Bats are the only flying mammal known to man.
  • There are 1,100 species of bats in the world.
  • 20% of all mammal species worldwide are bats.
  • 25% of all mammal species in the UK are bats.
  • 25% of UK bat species are close to extinction.
  • At least 12% of bat species, such as the Puerto Rican Flower Bat are already extinct.

We learnt that bat’s wings resemble human hands and what acts as their thumbs are a lot like hooks which they use to efficiently climb trees.  The first winter of a baby bat’s life is crucial and if it has not eaten enough it will die during hibernation.  Bats eat around 3000 bugs a night and much more!

Next we were allowed to have a biscuit and a drink and then Jed handed out some machines that could detect bat screams.  All 72 of us were outside on the field in an instant searching for bats.  Our group picked up three bats and when we got inside again we got to meet a little bat that Jed brought with him.

It really was a great night!

By Anna (Y6)


Bloodhound SSC Project

Bloodhound 1

On Monday 19th May, Class 3 were privileged to be invited to Reaseheath College to participate in a school community day hosted by the Bloodhound SSC Project.

Bloodhound is the latest (British) attempt to break the World Land Speed Record (currently 763mph) which hopes to achieve a phenomenal speed of 1050 miles per hour in the South African desert some time next year!

All the children had a fantastic fun filled day which included:

  • A tour of a replica Bloodhound vehicle
  • Test driving a Bloodhound simulator
  • Building and testing rocket cars
  • Designing a desert village for the support crew
  • 3D printing!

Check out our phenomenal photos!

More information about the Bloodhound project can be found at:

Bloodhound 2 Bloodhound 3 Bloodhound 4 Bloodhound 5



Go Green Week

Go Green Week

‘Go Green Week’ took place week commencing 28th April.

Each class was given a raised bed and one or two vegetables or fruit for which they are now responsible.

Mrs Smith took groups from each class to help with the initial planting, care and watering of the plants.

We discussed the importance of correct planting, watering and follow up care of the chosen plants.

It is hoped most of our chosen plants will produce a harvest before the end of our summer term. We would like to sell our produce to parents and plough back all profits into our school garden project.

World Slavery Museum


Following their recent trip to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, Year 5 & 6 children developed contrasting slave diaries describing events as the slaves were abducted and transported to the Americas.

Scroll down below for some examples  from Class 1 – BE WARNED, their opening paragraphs accurately describe the cruelty of the period!


Slave Diary Entries:

Morning 18th June 1679

I’m being held against my will. The white people came at the break of dawn, brutes they are, savage malicious brutes. We were all asleep when they came, then before you knew it everyone was screaming. Worriedly, I rushed outside and saw one of them set fire to my mother’s hut, I never saw her again…

Dominic & Codi Y6

2nd January 1761

Help Me! I’ve been taken. They came to our village, destroyed our homes, beat us! They were the white people  – it feels like they have stolen my dignity and killed my soul…

Soleil & Hollie Y6

I’m being held hostage, there are chains holding us together. They came in the night. They took our homes, our crops, everything, gone! I don’t know where we’re going but we had no chance of escape.  We are being beaten and whipped. The pain they dish out every day is unbearable.  My best friend (who was also a slave) died yesterday. Now I feel all alone…

James & James Y5

16th March 1777

I’m being held against my will. They haven’t just taken me, they’ve taken my dignity. I can hear children screaming, blood-curdling screams, as they were branded like cattle by the malicious white men…

Olivia Y6 & Heidi Y5

Merchant Diary Entry:

30th July 1777

Today we captured another lot of African’s. As we went into the village I could see miscellaneous people, some rich, some poor yet all of them diabolical. The ones we took were frail, I doubt they will make it to Britain alive, but we can always just get some more  from the village…

Joe Y6

If you’d like to learn more about the history and barbarity of the international slave trade then click on the link below:


A Real Who Dunnitt?

Class 5, along with the rest of Year 3 and 4, have been helping Cheshire Police to investigate a crime. On Wednesday 7th May our hard-fought football trophies went missing. A crime scene was created outside the hall and Year 3 and 4 needed to help the police investigate. We have been interviewing witnesses, looking for clues and writing crime reports. We have a list of suspects and are well on the way to solving the crime!

Who Dunnit 1Who Dunnit 4Who Dunnit 3Who Dunnit 2

Come Fly With Us


To link with our science topic of ‘forces’ the children were set a homework challenge to make a kite. We are now waiting for a good windy day to test the kites!


Elworth Garden Gang

We had great fun planting seeds in our poly tunnel. We planted cabbage, pepper, radish and carrot seeds.

Gardening 1

The seeds germinated fairly quickly and are doing very well.  Watch this space for further photographs!

Parks & Gardens

Florist Mrs Keeble visited Class 9 to show us what a wonderful job she has!

Florist 1

We loved watching her create a beautiful flower arrangement and helping her to wrap bouquets of flowers for our classroom Garden Centre.

Florist 2 Florist 3


Here, There & Everywhere

Class 10 have had an exciting half term learning about ‘transport’.

Transport 1 Transport 2 Transport 3 Transport 4 Transport 5 Transport 6

We had a fantastic time on our train ride to Alderley Edge Park and Church.


We enjoyed finding out about the fire engine and how it works.

Fire 2 Fire 1

Mrs Harrison, the lollipop lady, visited us and talked to us about road safety.Lollipop

We Can Sing A Rainbow, Can You?


A fantastic and inspiring adventure, in Class 8 I hear you say? Indeed! Magical happenings, in all lessons and even afterwards with our ‘ask the rainbow’ display! What will you find at the end of that rainbow? Class 8 are letting their imaginations go, why don’t you try this too?